Signs That You Should Have Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned

You are probably familiar with lots of tips on dryer vent cleaning by Dryer Vent Cleaning Services of Poway. But now you are wondering how often should you clean your dryer vent. Cleaning by yourself would take much effort and time from you, and there are instances in which you would need the help of professional dryer vent cleaners.

There are telltale signs that the problems you encounter call for the pros. 

Here is today’s blog to help you know if it is time that you quit your DIY dryer vent cleaning and hand the problem to the experts. There are five:

  1. Clothes Take Multiple Cycles To Dry
  2. Dryer is Overheating
  3. Burning Smell in the Laundry Room 
  4. Lint Deposits From the Vent 
  5. The Dryer Stops Working During Cycles 
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Five Signs That You Need Professional Dryer Cleaning: 2022 Tips

1- The Dryer Coil and the Power Source Do Not Turn On and Won’t Emit Enough Heat

Be aware when is the time that you start noticing the dryers do not heat up efficiently. A warm heat dries clothing and warm air that would not entirely help wring out the clothes. 

The clothes from the dryer would feel moist, and streaks of damp water stay on the clothing.

When this happens, it is time for an expert to see your appliance. Especially if after cleaning and minor fixes, the problem remains. Not enough heat is an indication that the heating coil and heat ignition problem exists.

2- The Dryer is Overheating; The Temperature Control 

Knob Might Be Broken

The first item tells you about a lack of heat from the dryer, and the next sign is overheating. Too much heat from the dryer appliance would tell no good as well. There is a control switch for adjusting the drying temperature. 

Call a professional dryer repair when your machine loses this function or if it does not work after you change the control. 

Person turning the knob on a clothes dryer

3- Burning Smell in the Laundry Room

Call a professional repair guy when the burnt smell stays on the clothes and affects and surrounds the laundry room. Your dryer is in trouble and tells you that some parts might get broken, and it can also mean the fuse had sparked or short-circuited. 

When this is the case, a DIY repair is not recommended. You should call an expert for this. Also, you might need an expert electrician to see if the electricity in your home is not affected. 

4- Lint Deposits Come Out Or Overflow the Vent

Lint residues from the event holes are signs that the vent system is severely clogged. 

You could only be cleaning the outer spaces and the apparent areas of the vent system. However, you may fail to reach the inner sides and walls of the vent, and the lint trap may also become too worn out. 

This scenario calls for the pros. 

5- Dryer Stops During Its Spinning Time

Dryer machines have a timer, and this switch tells how long your typical dry-spinning should go. But sometimes a malfunction could happen, and it causes the timer to keep running, but the dryer engine stops. 

Two things could have happened:

1- Broken power fuse 

2- Absence of electricity

The latter would mean that there is simply no electricity in your area or residence. You should worry about the former if you see no problem with your residential electric line. 

The problem lies in the machine. And no power coming out of it means the fuse may have broken, and only a professional could repair it. 


When repairs are involved, better let professionals handle it. There is also a specific team of experts when the vent system needs maintenance, so better call them to fix the entire dryer system.

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