Should You Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Washer-Dryers?

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In today’s day and age, it is important to remain environmentally-conscious when choosing our appliances. Not only does it help save the planet, but switching to a more green-friendly can also cut down on your overall costs. Curious about all the reasons why you should make the switch? Just keep on reading!

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So why switch to eco-friendly washers and dryers?

1. Dryers are Responsible for a Significant Amount of Greenhouse Gases

Most people do not know that 60% of the greenhouse gases that are generated during the creation and life of a single shirt come from washing and drying that shirt. 

This is because the use of washing machines and dryers generate a lot of greenhouse gases because of the excessive electricity some washers and dryers need to use to wash and dry your clothes. 

In fact, after your refrigerator, your dryer uses the most energy. By switching to a washer and dryer with better energy ratings, you can cut down on energy usage and therefore greenhouse gases.

2. Switching to a Washer-Dryer Combo Can Cut Down on Overall Costs

While the traditional set-up for doing laundry at home is to have separate machines for washers and dryers, there have been recent developments in making and using washer-dryer combo machines. 

These washer-dryers not only save you the cost of buying two separate machines, but you can also make big savings on water and energy usage. They are also great for smaller apartments or houses where there isn’t a lot of space for a washer and a dryer.

3. Energy-Saving Washers and Dryers Lead to More Efficient Laundry Cycles

Washers and dryers that have been designed to be energy-efficient usually have more options and features. For example, when you have a more energy-saving washer, there are options to clean clothes more efficiently with less soap or to set shorter cycles for smaller loads. 

The same is true for energy-efficient dryers. Some dryers have moisture sensors that will stop the cycle as soon as the machine stops detecting moisture, saving energy on smaller loads. 

So not only do you get faster and better laundry cycles, but you also help save the environment with less energy usage.

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