How To Keep Your Dryer Vent Snow Free

The fall season had begun, then the winter had entered, then ushering the early spring, the households will be dealing with a lot of snow.

Dryer vent covered in snow

Now is probably the middle of winter, as you see today’s post, and you feel like you are in a reasonable time reading this! Alas! Here are essential tips from experts at dryer vent cleaning Solana Beach on having the dryer vents free of the snow!

4 Tips For Keeping Vents Snow-Free

The following list gives four easy and practical tips to care for the dryer during the cold seasons. This will help in damage prevention and households issue like CO2 build due to blockage in the dryer vents.

Examine Exhaust Vent Pipe

The first thing you want to do is see how the exhaust vent pipe is. You want to ensure that the exhaust is free from any blockages, especially with snow.

The snow may have fallen that blocked the exhaust window from the exterior wall and the air duct from the heater systems.

So, when you examine the vent, make sure that you check the exhaust system from the inside out.

It could also be that you’ve done a recent cleaning and dryer maintenance to prep the vent and heater system for the winter. Then you could’ve forgotten to close the exhaust window.

Examining means doing a deep check. Doing this could also help you spot specific issues that need repair. It will have the dryer and the vent systems prepared thoroughly for the extreme season.

Freezing means air is moist and heavier, affecting how the heated air flows through the exhaust. It could lead to blockage due to air pressure and overheating.

When freezing and blockage are present, it will cause increased spinning time for the dryer. That is dangerous, for it can lead to overheating and machine malfunctions.

Always Clean The Dryer Lint Trap After Use

Removing lint trap

You could also have bright in a chunk of an icicle that your jacket or raincoat caught outside.
So, as you put the clothes inside the dryer basket or clothes drum, the ice cubes tend to go with it. And since the weather is still down to below zero degrees, the cubes remain soiled.
Some could have been crushed, and debris and residues got inside the lint trap.

That is one reason why you should always check and see if the lint trap needs cleaning.

Since the weather is too cold, all laundry goes in, and the dryers are in use 24/7.

Having loads of clothing fills the clothes drum with threads and lint, and thus it serves the lint trap that needs constant cleaning.

Have Your Dryer Checked Before Winter

Man checking dryer vent

Number three is an important matter, and you must be reminded to have your dryer checked before winter. Either you do it yourself or call dryer cleaner service

As reminiscent of number 1, you must do it before winter when you examine the dryers.

Add Layer Of Coverage If The Dryer Is Not In Use

Fourth and final tip – provide additional layers of coverage for the dryer.

You could learn from our previous blogs that one way to care for the dryer machine is proper storage, including covering it with a cloth or a plastic sheet when not in use.

You might already be doing a great job following that tip. But now that it is winter time you should also double the covers.

So just like humans, when winter begins, they provide multiple layers of clothing to protect themselves from a burn of the cold temperature.

The same is necessary for the dryer and other appliances. 

Doing these simple tips may save you a few dollars on total dryer repair costs.

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