A Guide to San Diego Restaurants for Every Type of Foodie

The City of San Diego isn’t just known for its beach bum culture born from white-sand beaches and ample sunshine. It’s also known to be the home of America’s finest dining places offering an extensive variety of cuisines. From sophisticated to straightforward, there’s always something to satisfy and suit the palate.

Type of Foodie: The Insta-Eater

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Insta-eaters don’t just jump right in once the food arrives. The first thing they do is whip out a smartphone or camera. Whether it’s a quick snap or a meticulously curated shot, this type of foodie must take the perfect picture of the meal in front of them and the place itself. Talk about doing it for the ‘gram.

Where to Go: Juniper & Ivy

Juniper & Ivy is the go-to place for equally delicious and instagrammable meals. You can expect no less from the brainchild of renowned chef Richard Blais. The restaurant features an extensive menu of refined American cuisine. It’s not just the food that looks good either. With its industrial-chic vibe, it’s no wonder Juniper & Ivy is on top of every insta-eater’s hit list.

Type of Foodie: The Literal Hamburglar

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The type of foodie who feasts on fast food, particularly on burgers with a side of thick-cut fries. They don’t just enjoy the combination of flavors in between two burger buns, no, they revel in it. There’s nothing like the harmony of a juicy beef patty, cheddar cheese, TLC and a kick of bacon to rouse up their appetites.

Where to Go: Hodad’s

Hodad’s is one of the more iconic food places in San Diego. A good mix of San Diego tourists and locals know all too well that the queue outside is worth lining up for. It’s a burger lover’s dream come true offering variations of their famous burgers and other fast food staples like onion rings and grilled cheeses.

Type of Foodie: The One with a Sweet Tooth

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For this foodie, dessert is enjoyed any time of the day not just after meals. Taking the “guilty” out of guilty pleasure, eating anything sugar-coated isn’t just an occasional indulgence. It’s a way of life.

Where to Go: Extraordinary Desserts

It’s safe to say the desserts here are far from ordinary. Extraordinary Desserts embodies decadence and elegance combined. Almost everything comes decorated in lavish edible elements. Whether you’re craving cake, ice cream, or pastries they’ve got exactly what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

Type of Foodie: The Vegan

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The vegan eats food exclusively from plant or plant-based produce. But don’t get them wrong, this foodie doesn’t just settle for a steamed batch of mixed vegetables. The vegan appreciates creativity when it comes to bringing out the best in veggie dishes.

Where to Go: Cafe Gratitude

In Cafe Gratitude, vegan cuisine never looked so good. The restaurant serves only purely organic farm-to-table food from local farmers of San Diego. It’s not just a haven for vegans. One visit to the place and anyone who’s ever doubted a vegan menu will change their mind in an instant.

Type of Foodie: The Adventurer

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The adventurer doesn’t mind exploring when it comes to flavors. Especially when it comes to underrated cuisines from all over the world. They live outside the comfort zone trying anything and everything delectably unusual.

Where to Go: Villa Manila

For adventurous foodies willing to try one of the most underrated cuisines in Asia, Villa Manila serves the finest Filipino food. Get down and dirty during Kamayan Night and experience a traditional Filipino feast sprawled over banana leaves and eaten with your hands. Hence the term Kamayan, the traditional Filipino way of eating with your hands.

Regardless of what type of foodie you are, it’s not a bad idea to check off all the places in this list complete dining experience! Check out other points of interest in the city to make the most out of your visit.

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