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A regular dryer vent cleaning is incredibly important to the maintenance of your household. 

But we know it can be a costly service to hire. That’s why we offer an affordable service that combines 2 incredibly important services into one package that is available to all residents of Ocean Beach.

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Thanks to this post, I too hired Dryer Vent Cleaning San Diego to help me with my dryer. It was a total disaster! I am soooo glad that I called! It was a fire hazard waiting to happen. I would strongly suggest that everyone have their dryers cleaned at least every two years. It's such a simple step to saving your home and possible life (and your loved ones)
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The Benefits of Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

Every year, an estimated 3,900 residential homes suffer from house fires caused by dryers in the United States. The US Fire Administration also estimates that fires caused by dryers cost an estimated $35 million every year in property damage.

Cleaning your dryer vents of the lint that can build up there is the number one solution to avoiding house fires resulting from blocked dryer vents, which is why the USFA strongly recommends you hire a professional service at least once every year. This is because lint, as extremely flammable material, is prone to catching fire when left to accumulate in your vents.

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But beyond the safety of your home and family, cleaning your dryer and dryer vents has a number of other benefits. The first is that a blocked vent can slow down the passage of hot air into your dryer, resulting in clothes that are not fully dried. 

When you clean your vents of lint and other debris buildups, you allow for air to get into your dryer efficiently. This also helps cut down on your power bill costs as your laundry cycles will become shorter and faster.

Additionally, when you hire us to come clean your dryer vents, we also clean the dryer itself. Cleaning around as well as inside the dryer helps keep the dryer working efficiently. 

It is also a way to evaluate the overall condition of your dryer’s parts to check if it needs any replacement or repair – you won’t have a need for any kind of additional dryer repair Ocean Beach. In that way, our service is 2-in-1 in nature as we clean both your vents and the dryer itself.

Professional and Trusted Dryer Vent Cleaners Ocean Beach

When it comes to dryer vent cleaning Ocean Beach, don’t look any further than your locally-owned and operated company Dryer Vent Professionals of San Diego. 

We provide professional and skilled cleaning that maintains the smooth operation of your dryer without breaking your bank.

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