Main Reason Why Your Clothes Take Multiple Cycles To Dry

There are four main reasons for a dryer taking multiple cycles to dry. The common dryer problems are dirty ducts and vent tubes. The others are as stated below:

  1. Overloaded Dryer
  2. Clogged Dryer Vent (Not enough airflow)
  3. Defective Dryer 
  4. Lint Trap Screen Needs Cleaning

Let’s discuss them in this blog and find out how each scenario came. Also, at the end of the blog, find out how you can avoid the worst case from happening, so better read until the end.

Overloaded washer

Why Does The Dryer Take Multiple Cycles To Dry: Four Main Reasons

Taking a long time to spin the dryer is due to a lack of adequate air circulating inside the dryer bin. The machine must generate enough pressure to cycle the heated air and lock the heat. So, now you probably have the idea that somewhere in the exterior and interior of the appliance has gone wrong, needing some dryer vent fix or dryer repair. 

Here Are Those Four Typical Cases That Make Dryer Spin Time Longer

1- Overloaded Dryer

Check out our previous blog for tips on using the dryer to avoid overloading. Remember that most appliances would give you direction on how to use them properly. Dryer machines would also have a specific measure of weight requirement, as would be stated in the instructions.

Some dryer brands would indicate a symbol on the bin where a specific amount of clothing load would fit. You’ll find these instruction marks in the corner of the clothes compartment. 

If you are using a dryer in a laundromat, these service shops would have a weighing scale to weigh the clothing and only put what the dryer can carry. 

A dryer load typically ranges from 5 kilos to 7 kilos per load or 12 to 15 pieces of clothing and below.

2- Not Enough Airflow Due to a Clogged Vent

The following common cause of why dryer spinning time takes longer is a clogged dryer vent. You would read this many times whenever the vent’s maintenance is concerned.

So when you seem like spinning the dryer twice as necessary, check if you have clean the dryer vent. If yes, check out other reasons like a broken part. You’ll learn more about it on the following items. 

3- Defective Dryer Parts

Check if you still have the dryer vent parts in their perfect condition. A vent part that needs replacement may cause the inadequate heat generated inside the dryer. 

Here are other inside dryer vent parts that need to be in perfect shape so they can make the dryer work efficiently. 

Broken Blower Wheel

You must check if the blower wheel is working or not. The blower wheel is an interior part of the dryer machine that brings the heated air into the clothes drum, and if it is broken, it won’t circulate the air causing the drum to damp the whole time you spin it. 

Heat Generator

One heat-generating part of the dryer is the coil with wires rolled up and connected. The heat generator helps distribute and maintain heat in the right amount. 

Repair man fixing clothes dryer

4- Blocked and Clouded Lint Trap Screen

Aside from the vent hose and ducts, the lint trap and its screen covers are often blocked with dust and lint clouds. Blocking the airways again tells you that not enough air is flowing in. 

So, better check and clean the lint trap screen for enough air to circulate inside. 

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