Home Improvement 101: Is Dryer Cleaning a Necessity?

Dryers and any other heat-generating appliance at home are at risk of fire hazards. To employ ultimate prevention, dryer vents are built outside of the house. Usually, the vents are inserted into a hole, so the main vent stays outdoor. If ever a dryer malfunction occurs, the indoors remain safe.

So, it got many homeowners questioning, “ Do I still need a dryer cleaning?” The obvious answer is yes. There are many other benefits of cleaning the machine regularly. Cleaning the vent will benefit the person and the device.

Dryer cleaning is recommended at least every six to 12 months. Maintaining the vents clean is a must for several reasons. It saves a big part of your home improvement pie.

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Facts to Consider: Why Should I Clean the dryer?

This blog gives you a comprehensive guide to cleaning your dryer vent. Consider dryer maintenance and appliance repair as essential steps in your home improvement 101.

Regular Cleaning

The quickest and simplest cleaning solution is to wipe the machine with simple cleaning tools. When cleaning, make sure to plug off the device. Then, proper caring every after use of the dryer will extend its lifespan.

Proper Storage

Set the dryer in its proper storage. Check for the vent if adequately attached. Check if wires or tubes are intact. If loose, make sure to fix them before using them.

Professional And Personal Care

When malfunction happens, call an expert for evaluation. Do not just jump into repairing it yourself. Also, keeping the user’s manual will always be handy for you. It tells all you need to know to personally care for your appliance at home.

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Benefits Of A Clean Dryer Vent

1. Eliminate The Formation Of Household Dust

When at home and general cleaning time comes, it stresses out that the dust you sweep on the floors and swipe from the walls does not seem to reduce. One thing you need to check and keep in good condition is the vent.

Within the deepest parts of the vent is dust. It is easy for you now to clean and dust-off the tube extending outdoors. Clean the vent at least twice to thrice a month. The air quality you breathe indoors will improve.

2. Hamper Excessive Humidity

Among areas where the weather tends to be too cold, uses heaters and dryers to complete laundry faster. When the vents outside do not get their regular cleaning and dusting off, it will also be difficult for the air to flow correctly indoors.

Moist builds up, and molds start to breed. A healthy home lets in just the right amount of humidity. It will help if you clean the vents of the dryer routinely.

3. Provides Sufficient Clothes’ Care

If you are a wise and tedious homeowner, you’ll make sure everything is well-taken care of. It includes taking care of your family’s personal belongings, especially their clothes.

Proper caring for clothes involves adequate washing, drying, and folding. One reason that reduces the lifespan of clothes is too much spinning on the dryer.

Multiple spins wear off the fabric. This happens due to the uneven distribution of heat or not enough heat during the spinning time. So, you make it doubled, not realizing that the clothes’ quality reduces.

Take care of the family’s favorite denim or top, etc., by properly drying them. To achieve this, you must regularly clean and check if the dryer vent is not clogged with lint and clouds of dust.

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