Common Gas Dryer Issues

Knowing what clothes dryer you got at home would help you act fast and know what dryer repair to get.

Different clothes dyers exist, and specific repairs and maintenance apply to each. Two main types are common among household:
Electric dryer
Gas dryer

Today’s post will focus on gas dryer issues. Do you think you have a gas dryer at home?

Key features of the gas dryer would be vent tubes and the system going outside.

These dryer parts must be kept in shape because the gas dryer vents would often become the source of common clogging and low heat.

Repair man fixing gas dryer

Gas dryers use natural gas or liquid propane to heat their heating motor. Take a sneak peek first at common dryer machine types found in homes. Where do you think yours belong?

  • Vented dryers
  • Heat pump dryers
  • Condenser
  • Gas dryers

Typical Problems You Encounter With Gas Dryers

Won’t Turn On

Person turning the knob on a clothes dryer

Unlike electric dryers that would not turn on, gas dryers would not have power plugs to connect to the electricity to make it work.

So a gas dryer that does not turn on is sure a starting issue. What would you do if this happened? And why won’t the gas dryer turn on?

Here are some reasons:

1. The Dryer Lid Is Not Correctly Closed

Most dryers will automatically resist running if the cap is not put on. Of course, the dryer needs a vacuum space to hold or enclose the air to spin.

2. Broken Ignition

A gas dryer would be the same as a gas stove, where heat is generated by igniting the fire. Sometimes when you turn the valve on, and nothing happens, it could be that the ignition got broken.

You need to replace the parts that had been broken to make it work.

3. Broken Thermal Fuse

Not turning on also means that the fuse may get broken. The fuse is the one responsible for giving the power to the burner.

So if you checked, the ignition and valve are working, but nothing happened to replace the fuse.

Also, here is an important tip, a broken thermal fuse happens to due to clogged vents, so keep the ducts clean at all times.


The leading cause of gas dryer overheating is restricted airflow. The exhaust tubes and vent are clogged; thus, the air gets trapped, causing the dryer to overheat.

Also, airflow gets stunted due to the lint trap getting blocked by residues and excess lint.

So to fix this issue, make sure to clean the lint filters trap and clear the air passageways like the dryer vents and tubes. If needed be call Coronado cleaners

Not Heating

Woman hanging clothes to dry

Not heating is also like when the dryer refuses to turn on. But sometimes you check the power sources and the outlets, and there is power.

Only the dryer does not distribute and lets the heat out. What is happening?

The main issue is that there is no flame flowing on the burner. Sometimes what happens is the ignition works, it sparks, but the flame does not appear.

When there is no flame to start the heat, it means a faulty gas valve with the solenoid coil needs replacement.

Incorrect Thermostat

Incorrect thermostat happens due to faulty heat sensor and faulty cycling thermostat.

A thermostat tells the heat limit. An excellent working condition of the thermostat will help shut off the machine if overheating happens. But the heat limit sensor cannot tell the proper amount of thermal level; then, the engine will overheat. 

This is dangerous, so better call the assistance of dryer repair to prevent the worse from happening.

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