Dryer Taking Multiple Cycles To Dry? 5 Secrets Revealed

There is almost nothing as frustrating as a slow dryer, especially when you need to dry the clothes quickly. But beyond the frustration, a slow dryer that needs longer times or multiple rounds can be a big energy consumer in the home and can run your electric bill.

For those reasons, you’re probably looking for ways to speed up your dryer and make your laundry cycles more efficient. We’ve put together the 5 secrets to getting better and faster drying times for your clothes, and we’re sure your laundry times will be reduced with these tips.

5 Tips On How To Dry Clothes Fast

Add A Large Dry Towel To The Load

dry towel loaded in a dryer

In a load of very wet clothes, the large amount of moisture present in the dryer can slow down the drying process. That’s why a large dry towel thrown into the dryer can speed things up, especially if it is a small load of clothes.

The towel acts as a dry barrier for all the moisture in the dryer and allows the heat to travel and reach each article of clothing more efficiently.

Spin It Again

When clothes are slow to dry, we might be pointing the finger at the wrong culprit. If the clothes come out of the washer soaking wet, we can hardly blame the dryer for taking a long time to dry them as the moisture in the clothes will take a long time to dry out.

If you see your clothes are very wet coming out of the washer, keep them in there and run an additional spin cycle setting. Most washers allow you to do this with a button on the control panel.

Dry Your Clothes In Smaller Batches

small batch of clothes for drying

A dryer can become overwhelmed with large loads and the number of clothes as well as the accumulation of moisture in them. If you are looking to get dryer clothes faster, you can load the dryer with smaller batches of clothes and run multiple cycles.

A smaller number of clothes usually results in faster drying times.

Shorten The Dryer’s Vent Hose

dryer vent hose

This is a trick to faster drying times that should only be attempted by those familiar enough with their dryers to avoid accidentally damaging it beyond repair.

Behind every dryer, there should be a venting tube that is clamped to the back of the dryer. You can unclasp the tube, shorten it, then reattach it to the dryer. The shorter tube will mean a shorter distance for the heat to travel into the dryer and can cut the drying time dramatically.

Hire Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

clogged dryer vent

If none of the tips above work, that may mean your dryer is in need of a repair of a cleaning. Lint can often pass through the dryer’s filter and cause a buildup in the dryer vents.

Not only does this slow down the entire laundry cycle, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Most house fires result from lint buildup that is accidentally set on fire.

To get faster drying times as well as to keep your home safe from fires, hire a dryer vent cleaning service to take a look at your dryer. They can clean the vents but can also check over the machine to determine if it is in need of more repairs.

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