How to Prep Clothes For Drying: Based On Our Dryer Cleaner Service Experts

A dryer vent maintenance can go from complex professional dryer cleaning service to a simple regular wiping every after use. But here is a much simpler tip to reduce the cost to have dryer vent cleaned, by just simply sorting out the clothes properly. How could this contribute to dryer maintenance? Well, you have to read on to find out. 

We asked experts of dryer vent cleaning Poway what they can recommend to homeowners and dryer users to keep the machine in perfect form during and after use. Here are tips on how to sort your clothes for drying.

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How to Sort Clothes For Drying

Sort by Color

It would be best to look out for the color of the clothes set you are drying. Sometimes we accidentally mix dark-colored clothes with light-colored clothes when using the dryer, which may cause color to bleed. This makes you want to wash the clothes the second time. 

To avoid getting hassled this way, sort the clothes according to their colors. Dry them per set, start with the light-colored ones, and the dark-colored clothes last to dry.

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Fabric Type

If not by color, then try sorting the clothes according to the type of fabric. Doing this actually helps you preserve the dryer condition. One problem that dryer users encounter is tumbling sound. Can you relate?


Others do not know that the cause of this is sometimes not clogged vents, but it is the uneven weight of wrung clothes into dryer baskets. This is due to the different types of fabric. 


Here is a tip, separate wool clothes from light satin or cotton ones. Better group all-cotton fabric together. Also, have your jeans in a separate batch as well.


I bet you will see a big difference when you sort the clothing this way.


Just like how you do it from number two, sort the fabric or clothes according to weight. 


This is straightforward advice. Of course, you wouldn’t combine cotton shirts with your heavy-weight linens or fleece. Sometimes without having anyone telling you, you do it accidentally. In a hurry, you dump all your laundry together without separating the bedsheets from the shirts because you want to finish fast. 


It’s” not practical, messy and chaotic. However, it could help you to be quick with your job. The consequence is that your dryer will meet its end quickly soon. Avoid that.

Wash Tag

Here is another helpful, practical, cost-saving tip. Your clothes have a wash tag on them. Most will have an instruction on how to wash each item separately. Also, they got specific steps for drying, the right temperature included. That’s very straightforward advice, so straighten your clothes sorting practice. ASAP.

wash tag on blue cloth

Depending on how dirty clothes are

And at last, sort your clothes depending on how dirty they are. This will also maximize your laundry time. Some clothes need a minor wash, have them in the washer first, then to the dryer. Do this while you wait for the dirty batch to soak in sap and lessen the stain. While spinning the first clean bath work on the heavy-duty laundry. 

That is wise time management for a savvy homeowner. Also, this will help you clean the dryer easily. Unlike putting the dirty batch first on the dryer, it will need cleaning up every time you take out the ones done drying. But several pieces of dirt of sand or crumpled scraps of paper, etc., were left in the basket. You need to make sure that the interior is clean and fresh each time you put clothes on the dryer.

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