Common Mistakes You Do To Your Dryer And Washer

Maybe you don’t notice it much, but the biggest mistake with the dryer is the careless tossing of the clothes in.

Incorrect use of the appliance leads to common malfunction and calls experts of dryer cleaning Solana Beach.

Many homeowners are guilty of doing it, and many are honestly unaware of it. It became a habit that local experts would often observe these small mistakes as the cause of dryer and other appliance malfunctions.

Here are more of the things you need to stop doing:

  1. Not Sorting Your Clothes
  2. Putting Clothes With Elastic In The Dryer
  3. Overloading
    Not Cleaning The
  4. Dryer Lint Trap
  5. Using Too Much Detergent

Let us tackle each below and figure out the proper habit to replace these faulty dryer usages.

Faulty Dryer Habits To Stop Doing

Laundry piles in front of washer and dryer

It could surprise how relatable are the following have to you. Before, you may only be unaware of how you misuse the dryer. You may be in search of how to dry clothes faster in dryer. But the answer is just under your nose. 

Don’t you worry! You would learn how to revert mistakes and replace them with correct usage as you read through.

Mistake 1 - Not Sorting The Clothes

Most dryer and appliance owners would do this. You are probably just one among thousands of dryer users who toss the clothes right away from the dirty basket to appliance.

Not sorting the clothes would cause a worrisome sound on the dryer. Unsorted fabric means that light clothing got mixed with the thick and wavy ones.

That would cause an imbalance in the dryer and would potentially damage it.

Simply sort and separate the fabric according to their type.

Mistake 2 - Putting Elastic Fabric And Clothes

This number two mistake would give more damage to your clothing rather than the dryers.

While you feel that the laundry would lessen by drying all types of fabric, your elastic clothing will only get ruined.

Sports wears and intimates are those that belong to this clothing category.

To keep your stretchy attires in perfect fit, avoid placing them on the dryer, and natural air drying will be the best practice for this.

Mistake 3 - Overloading

Overloaded washer

The big elephant in the room that needs to be addressed is overloading. Admit it. You have committed overloading the dryer bins once or twice.

The fact that everyone does it. And why wouldn’t you?

Overloading sometimes makes the task easier and finishes the laundry faster. And as long as the dryer would spin, you’re okay.

So you dump all the clothes that you can all at once. Well, that is a habit that you need to stop ASAP.

Overloadings damages the dryer basket. Certain weight fits the specific material making up the dryer basket or drum.

So stuffing clothes in it would probably cause cracks on the drum. When that happens, the warm air may find a way to leak through and would not dry the clothes efficiently.

When you turn on the dryer, overloading also causes a rumbling or rumbling sound.

Avoid overloading the drum. Follow the instruction on your appliance that tells you how much kilo of clothing you can put inside the drum.

Mistake 4 - Not Cleaning The Dryer Lint Trap

An unclean dryer lint trap would also prevent enough warm air from drying the clothes, and it could also pose a fire hazard. A professional dryer vent cleaning is required once a year. Local dryer vent cleaning experts can be found by searching for dryer vent cleaning service near me.

Overflowing lint may cause some small thread to escape to the heating parts of the machine.

Mistake 5 - Using Too Much Detergent

The last mistake (yes, please make it your last) in this list is putting too much detergent.

Sometimes you love to pour detergent into your heart’s desire, thinking of the clothes favor cleaning with more detergent than needed.

Laundry machines would produce excessive bubbles and would be difficult to rinse. And if you think that no one sees your last laundry still slippery with detergent residues, then now you know that we know.

Residues of detergent are often found in the dryer drum, which is also the cause of clogged dryers and lint traps.

Only use the exact amount of detergent to rinse the clothing thoroughly and avoid detergent residue s dirtying up the dryer.

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