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The people of Point Loma deserve a dryer vent cleaning service that is efficient, professional, and safe. 

That’s why we are proud to be able to provide our dryer vent cleaning services to commercial businesses and residents of Point Loma. 

Our two-part cleaning process keeps you and your home safe from the adverse effects of neglecting to clean your dryers.

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"I called Dariusz of Dryer Vent San Diego yesterday after seeing a post recommending him for cleaning dryer vents. He came this morning and cleaned my dryer inside and the vent leading to the outside. He does an excellent job and I highly recommend him. You should have the dryer and vent cleaned on a regular basis because all the built up lint and dust could catch on fire."
Laurel Pinnick
Laurel Pinnick
- Muirlands

San Diego Dryer Vent Cleaners – Point Loma

commercial dryer vent cleaning

At Dryer Vent Professionals of San Diego, the process of cleaning dryers is two-pronged: we focus on the dryer itself and the dryer vents. That means that when you call us to come take care of your dryer system, we come prepared to look over everything and improve the functionality of your entire laundry system, all done at the same-day.

First, we focus on your dryers by cleaning around it, the lint trap and even inside the dryer. That means our careful and skilled crew takes apart your dryer, cleans everything thoroughly, and puts everything together back together. 

A thorough cleaning can instantly improve the way your dryer works. And if during our evaluation of your dryer, find parts that need repairs, we take care of that, too. That means you don’t have to worry about looking up to another repair service to take care of it, dryer repair San Diego got you covered. 

After we have looked over your dryer and made sure it is functioning perfectly, we tackle your dryer vents. A dryer vent can often be the site for lint buildup, which is incredibly dangerous. 

Lint is a flammable material and when it is in a vent where hot air passes through, it can be a formula for a disaster or, in this case, a housefire. The USFA recommends a professional cleaning of dryer vents be done yearly so as to prevent the very common incidents of dryer fires. That’s why we always make sure to go over every inch of the vent to make sure any buildup of lint is removed.

We also offer commercial dryer vent cleaning for apartments, HOA and laundromats. 

San Diego Dryer Cleaning Point Loma Cost

The cost of a clothes dryer cleaning and repair service can vary greatly. This is because it depends on many things, including:

  • The location of the dryer within the house
  • How accessible the vent is
  • The size and length of the dryer vent
  • The size of the dryer
  • Any repairs or replacements that need to be made

While many things can affect the cost of the service, our 2-in-1 dryer vent cleaning service can cost between $90 to $160, a lower cost than the nationwide average for a similar service.

Work with a trusted and reliable dryer ventilation cleaning company. Let us take care of your dryer for you! Grab that phone and call us today (619) 736-3281!

A clogged dryer vent and exhaust can have many repercussions. It can increase your electricity bill, cost you unnecessary repairs, and even cause safety hazards. 

Schedule an effective and affordable air duct cleaning appointment now with our experienced team. 

Contact us for a quote or any questions, and see why our satisfied customers rave about our efficiency and service in our reviews. See for yourself a job well done! 

We service the following areas: Del Mar, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Pacific Beach, University City

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Dryer vents should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

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