Have A Kit: Facts Before You Buy a Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

You may be wondering how much does it cost to clean dryer vent? When you do not know the right time or how often you should clean the dryer vent, you may end up paying unnecessary fees for a dryer vent repair cost

If you look at the previous blogs, you will learn that getting a professional dryer cleaning at least once a year is recommended. Beyond that, what you will have to do is to apply regular DIY cleaning and dryer maintenance.

So if you have a dryer and are concerned about having a clean vent, have a cleaning kit ready.

Buckle up and sort your tools. Get your vent cleaning kit ready and be prepared for duty anytime.

Lint removal with a brush from a dryer vent

Have the Basics First: Dryer Cleaning Tools and Parts

To aid in the danger and reduce exposure to the risks, here is today’s blog to show you how you can keep your dryer cleaning kit. 

If you have not familiarized the dryer vent, here is the dryer part within your reach. Knowing these helps you with DIY cleaning and may help reduce your dry vent cleaning cost.

Dryer Exterior to Clean

  • Lint Trap
  • Clothes Drum
  • Air vent Wall
  • Air Vent Grill
  • Exhaust Vent
  • Exhaust Vent Window
  • Dryer Lint Filter
  • Filter Screen
  • Drum roller
  • Timer switch

Clean the exterior as often as you use the dryer machine. Observe proper cleaning of the surface. Make sure that no moisture enters the small holes and gaps. Wipe every after use.

Dryer Interior Parts

  • Heating Parts – dryer wheel, thermal fuse, dryer timer 
  • Exhaust Parts – Gas valve, ignition,

The interior parts of the dryer need an expert’s knowledge. Not all the time can you DIY the repair, even if you got a cleaning and repair kit. There are times that you can give the dryer vent and appliance a temporary fix while waiting for an expert to get the repair job complete for you.

With that said, keeping a cleaning and repair kit will always come in handy in case of a dryer emergency.

Dariusz cleaning a dryer

Dryer Cleaning and Vent Repair Kit

Various brands make dryer vent parts available. Also, make sure that you are familiar with your appliance. Not all dryer systems come in similar forms and shapes. 

With that, several parts may be called the same, but they will still have significant differences in appearance. At least have the basic knowledge on what to keep in your toolbox and appliance repair closet.

Dust and Lint Cleaning Kit

This kit must help you vacuum the dust and lint that hangs around the dryer in and out.

  • Lint eater roller
  • Dust brush with rod
  • Flexible rod or handle attachment
  • Attachable Bristle for dust brush
  • 26-inch long static brush
  • Flexible cleaning hose
  • Portable or handheld vacuum

Is it Time to Replace the Dryer Vent

Now that you have a cleaning kit handy. Anytime the dryer malfunction, you can have a quick check on it. 

It might just need brushing and unclogging, which you can now do. It will also help you minimize the time you worry about “how often should the dryer vents be replaced?” 

Having to cut his concern also makes you aware of the actual cost you need to save on professional dryer repair.

Here are common signs to remind you when it’s time for a replacement to get early warning signs and finally ease your worries.


  • The dryer vent got too much lint that clogged the tubes.
  • The dryer vent tubes need replacement when the aluminum foil is too old and tattered, air and gas leak.
  • The dryer makes a rumbling sound. It may tell you that the rubber or the dryer wheel got loose or damaged, thus needing replacement.
Dirty and damaged aluminum vent


Cleaning the dryer yourself is a necessary step for maintenance and keeps your properties safe from risks of fire hazards. 

However, it may sound risky to get your hands on the vent tubes and wires from the dryer ductwork. What you need now is a dryer vent cleaning kit.

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