Must-Have Dryer Cleaning Tools

You could reduce the agony of cleaning complex ductwork and dryer vent systems if you got all the right tools. 

A task as a dryer vent maintenance is a complex job requiring experts from dryer cleaning University City

But then it becomes a pleasure to do if you have the essential tools to handle the basic to moderately tricky repair. 

Have you had those times when you’re troubled with repairing an appliance at home, and you suddenly stopped for the lack of the right tools? 

Man opening dryer for cleaning

Your screwdriver doesn’t fit. Or what you thought as a brush for dusting the vent is a paintbrush. 

You sure wished you had called a professional dryer vent cleaner to solve the issue right away at times like this. 

Calm down. 

Today’s discussion will take you to a list of common dryer cleaning tools that you must have at home. You can find them at your nearby suppliers and have them ready for any immediate repair.

Easy Access Dryer Cleaning Tools For Your Household Use

Take a quick look at the list of tools below. 

These are primary tools essential for cleaning the dryers, and it helps that you have them ready for a regular check-up and vent cleaning to avoid costly major repairs.

Dryer Vent Vacuum

Repair man removing lints inside a dryer machine

Vacuum cleaners work by sucking hard to remove dirt stuck on rigid surfaces or hard-to-reach corners. 

The pressurized air helps to capture light and stubborn dust that seem to fly everywhere.

The dryer vent vacuum cleaning would appear smaller than your typical vacuum. But it would have a nozzle and tube attached to reach the vent area. 

This attachable hose or pipe is also called the flexible crevice tool. In this way, the vacuum can clean through narrow and slim passageways of airflow tubes.

Rotary Brushes

Dirty dryer vent being cleaned using a brush

Rotary brushes are circular with a cylindrical body and disk where the bristles are attached to them. 

You would know that it’s a rotary brush because of its shape that would fit right into a tube. 

The bristles surround the elongated disk, and you use it to move it with a circular motion so the inner surface of vent tubes and hose would get cleaned entirely.

Dryer Lint Brush

The dryer lint brush would be a smaller version of rotary brushes, and it comes smaller to fit into tiny holes such as the lint filter. 

It contains microfibers that can attract tiny threads and loose fibers from the residues of cloth. 

This type of brush is also very functional, for you can twist its handle made of a soft steel wire. 

This is also your typical cylinder brush for cleaning the cylinder tubes, and it’s a handy cleaning tool that helps you clean narrow pipes where even a tiny hand will not fit.

Air Compressor

Orange compression air tank

Sometimes there will be stubborn lint tangled itself on the tight corners and ductwork on the machine. 

You will need a powerful tool to force the tiny light threads and prevent them from flying back on the surface.

Miscellaneous Items

Lastly, essential items would be handy in case of first aid dryer vent repairs. When cleaning and maintaining the dryer, it is necessary to have cleaning items to use after finishing the job. 

  • Rugs
  • Flashlight
  • Soap and water 
  •  Screw Driver
  • Electrical tapes

As a final reminder, make sure to clean up the area and put everything neatly in its proper places. Store the repair kit and toolbox in safe and organized storage.

But why should you clean your dryer and dryer vent? Here are the consequences of a clogged dryer vent.

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