What Type Of Company Cleans Dryer Vents?

There are dryer vent cleaning companies that can offer maintenance service to both dryer vent and HVAC systems.

But here is a much in-depth take on the different dryer vent cleaners companies. You may find one in your locale, so you better know how these guys work. 

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Residential And Commercial Cleaners

Dryer Cleaners For Residential Areas

If you typed in “dryer vent cleaning company near me,” indeed, you would find one that caters to your home. Most of the local dryer vent and San Diego duct cleaning offer home service, of course. 

So what is the best time to get your home’s vent system checked and repaired? 

There are dryer vent cleaners who will usually go with HVAC maintenance services. Before the fall season comes, most AC and vent system services are reserved for heater maintenance.

If you get your heater systems checked around this time, you might as well have your ventilation systems checked at home. 

Have your dryer vent maintenance scheduled twice a year. The best time is before the cold and rainy season begins. You will use the dryer machine often when the sun’s heat is not sufficient. 

The next best time is the season after the peak dryer usage.

Dryer Cleaners For Commercial Properties

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Local dryer companies offer both services for residential and commercial properties. Your office buildings will have multiple vent systems.

Commercial establishments better call dryer cleaning companies. You may hire a local guy who does a good job. 

One may find a less expensive dryer cleaning from people or maintenance staff of a building. But experts in dryer cleaning will save you more cost by cleaning for establishments with multiple units.

Homeowners Association’s Dryer Service

Now, where does an HOA get its dryer vent cleaning? Should you find a residential dryer cleaning service or one that caters to commercial properties? 

Go back to your HOA’s terms and agreement. The HOA must provide cleaning services.

So if you are an HOA member, you can suggest to the board to get a professional dryer cleaning company who can partner with you. San Diego dryer cleaners do partnerships and scheduled dryer maintenance for multi-level dryer vent systems and HOA members.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning?

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How do professionals clean dryer vents? Have you asked these? After that, you figured out the types of dryer cleaning service providers from the list above, and now that you know, you can find one near you. 

The next thing to ask about is the cost. How much will you need to pay these guys? 

Further, will the cost vary depending on the type of company to do the cleaning?

First, learn about the typical range of professional dryer cleaning. In the US, depending on your location, local companies may vary their cost. But on average, a dryer cleaning costs $133.

Should I Clean Or Hire Professional

To decide if you should clean the dryer yourself or hire a professional to do this, know first the dryer issue that needs attention. 

You need to identify if the dryer has interior or exterior problems. What does this mean? 

You learned from the previous post that you can replace and DIY repair a damaged part like ripped aluminum foil attached to the dryer vent. And there are, as well, damages that only professionals can do.  

So if you find yourself often asking, “is dryer vent cleaning worth it?”. The answer is YES. And that means you must plan your regular dryer cleaning and schedule a time to have professional dryer vent cleaners check your vent system.

At least once a year, you should get a professional dryer cleaning team to check up and maintain the vent and duct system.

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