Tips On How To Get The Best Out Of Your Dryer

Two common mistakes when using the dryer appliance:
1- Filling up the dryer with loads of clothes
2- Putting too few laundry pieces

Those acts defeat the appliance’s efficiency. But here is a reliable team of appliance repair San Diego to help you if the dryer machine begins malfunctioning.

Little did most appliance owners know that there is a much better way to use the dryers to maximize their efficiency.

Good thing you checked out this blog. Here are tips on how to get the best out of your dryer.

  1. Regularly Clean Your Dryer
  2. Fill Your Dryer Up to 80% Only
  3. Multitask

Before you get to the core of today’s piece, be aware of the reasons above that lead to dryer issues.

Firstly, loads of clothes inside the dryer would reduce the heat distribution during the spinning time. Often you are not aware of this because you feel that you would finish faster with single dumping of your clothes. Later on, the dryer emits insufficient heat causing dryer taking multiple cycles to dry.

The second is that you throw in a few pieces of clothing. While the air inside the dryer drum would be sufficient, the problem is you need to do this until you finish all the laundry. That also takes time, and that also takes repeated spinning of the dryer.

Man putting white cloth in a dryer

How Has Using The Dryer Made Laundry Easy?

Despite the common mistakes in how laundry users approach the dryer appliance, many are continually relying on the power of a dryer. Having the help of expert maintenance makes maintenance easy.

But as a homeowner, you can do your part to make the best out of the appliance and keep it fully functioning in the long run.

Here are tips to follow:

1. Make The Best Use Of Dryers By Keeping Them Clean

You would see this tip in every issue that involves dryer vents, ducts, and other heating machines. The secret to cleaning is that you would always have a look at the entire appliance including inside dryer vent. Depending on the severity of work you can either hire or DIY dryer vent cleaning. 

While cleaning the dryer and the dryer vents, you would also be able to see right away if there are parts with issues. In that way, you can immediately apply the fix it needs.

Look around our website to learn more tips, must have dryer cleaning tools and quick advice on cleaning dryer vents and ducts efficiently.

Person cleaning clothes dryer lint trap

2. Fill Your Fryer Basket, Or The Clothes Drum Up To 80% Only.

You know that you only need to fill the clothes drum up to 80% of its capacity. How would you know then that it’s 80%? Be sure not to fill the machine’s drum up to the brim. Leave enough space to have enough air to circulate and dry clothes effectively.

Some laundromats or even homeowners would have a weight scale to know how much weight is already in the laundry basket. Go back to your appliance manual. Often the instructions manual would indicate how much weight the machine could carry.

Here is an important tip no other experts would tell you. Separate drying the towels, and when thick fabrics are involved, they should go together with the same material. Using wool balls would also help dry the towels faster to save the machine from overheating. This way, enough air would flow in and out of the vents and ducts.

Using wool dryer balls for more soft clothes tumble drying

3. Multitask

When there are loads of laundry, especially in commercial laundries, you end up throwing all items at once, which would cause the machine to fail. With all sorts of fabric and uneven weight of the clothing material, the spinning clothes drum would find it hard to wind up, and that causes the rumbling sound.

So, the solution when doing the laundry is to multitask. Learn to separate types of fabric. Wash lightest to the heaviest fabric. While you are done with the dryer containing light clothing, begin spinning inside the heavy items’ washer.

While you are now folding and wringing some light clothing, it’s time to have the heavy fabric spin inside the dryers.

Woman folding towels from clothes dryer


To make the best use of the dryer and save the dryer vents from issues is to have a system. Doing laundry using dryers helps you finish the tasks faster. 

However, if you will not follow a strategy to use the appliance wisely, the dryer could break down. Remember also to check the vents and ducts often and unclog them when you have time, or call the professional vent cleaners for their help.

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