Common Problems That Arise From Dirty Dryer Vents

Lack of maintenance is the main reason why most appliances at home need constant repair. Dirty dryer vents often are a common issue for professional cleaning services San Diego. Expert service providers agree that more issues come out due to lack of cleaning. The reason is that homeowners often neglect this task or often delay them.

Here is today’s blog to give you a list of common problems that arise from having a dirty dryer vent. Read until the end so you will start making necessary action and changes in your home and appliance maintenance routine.

man looking into a dryer vent hose

Common Problems That Dirty Dryer Vents Give You

A dirty dryer vent is not only undesirable to look at. The more that that dirt and lint gets trapped, the more problem will surface later n. These are problems that will not only occur in your appliance but will also create bigger issues at home.

1- High Electric Bill

No one wants to pay more for electric bills. You will likely to if you neglect cleaning your dryer and the vents.

Lint and dirt clogged on the tube attached to the dryer. The filter also gets stuffed with thread and hairs from the pieces of clothes.

When there is not enough room for air to circulate and the opening and holes are filled with lint, then dry air will not be fully distributed on the drying basket.

This is the reason why you repeat the spinning cycle of your machine. You push it to full spinning time only to take out damp and dripping clothes. So you repeat. As you spin the dryer once more, your electric meter goes on turning again. Now, you have electric bill consumption higher than your average expense.

2- Excessive Heat in the Machine and Around Your Home

The vent serves as the exhaust to direct the air out of the machine. Warm or humid air needs to flow away from your walls or the laundry room.

The vents, therefore, need their tubes and openings clear from anything that can block the warm air from flowing out. Most of the time, the vents get clogged with clouds of dust, dirt, hairs, and fur from the animals at home. As the air finds it difficult to travel through the vents, it will remain in the circle inside the machine’s motor. This causes overheating, which is the common cause of broken appliances.

3- House Fires

Now, do not wait before you let overheating appliances spark a fire. Good thing overheating occurs first, so you’ll get a warning sign. Every year the US fire department records thousands of dryer-related accidents and house fires.

That is why experts at dryer cleaning San Diego always share facts and tips for regular dryer maintenance. There are many causes of dryer-related house fires.

Here are some to avoid and look after:

    • Overheating dryer
    • Tubes and dents misplaced
    • Tangled wires
    • Dreyer outlet loosely attached to the socket
    • Water leaking into the machine causes sparks
    • Too many clothes are spinning at a time

4- Musty Odor

If not drying quickly, the clothes smell musty. A dry or burnt odor comes out after you dry the clothes. That ruins your day because you expect your laundry to smell fresh and clean; instead, you get musty clothes and linens.

Have you experienced this? Admit it. When you do not like how your laundry smells, you repeat washing them. So, it makes such a waste of your time, energy, and laundry materials.

Another thing that results from dirty dryer vents is the unpleasant odor. But, how do you stop smells from coming through vents? Cleaning the dryer vent is no easy task, and preferably you need to ask for help from professional dryer vent cleaners. 

man cleaning dryer vent

Your Takeaway

Having all these problems noted for you, are you now convinced to get regular dryer cleaning? If you feel too busy and seem that you are short of time resources, there are always the pros to rely on. Search for a “local dryer vent cleaning services near me,” these guys are just around your block. Online resources will also lead you to a reliable and accessible team of dryer maintenance.

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