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Del Mar is Spanish for “of the sea” and is a beach city that shares a border with La Jolla, California. People in Del Mar, CA deserve to have safe and comfortable homes. Fire hazards, for example, should be addressed immediately to prevent household fires. Such hazards include electrical outlets, flammable chemicals, live flames, and more. However, there is one fire hazard that some homeowners do not recognize and that is the dryer vent. Lint and debris build up inside and become highly flammable if it accumulates in excessive amounts.

Clogged Dryer Vent: A Hidden Fire Hazard

Some fibers from clothes often come off and are trapped into the lint filter inside the dryer. However, lint can also go to other areas of the dryer, including the dryer vent. It often stays in the pipe where it gets stuck in the walls. When the lint accumulates, it can restrict or completely block anything from flowing out. This can cause major problems, such as fire, machine damage, mold growth, and more.

Yes, I just had Dariusz out on friday and he cleaned out my venting for the first time in 15 years! Dangerous to say the least. Now my dryer is so much more efficient and I’ll probably save money on my gas bill. Dariusz was so thorough and careful with my new wood floor. He also took apart the dryer and cleaned the lint out that too. I feel so much better now that I’ve had that done. He recommends every 2 years. Call him today!
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Top Reasons Why You Need a Dryer Cleaning Service

Accessing the dryer vent to remove any lint buildup requires some skill and experience. For a more thorough cleaning without causing damage to the dryer, hiring a specialist is the most recommended option. Here are other notable reasons why:

  • Fire Safety – In-depth cleaning guarantees that all lint buildup is removed from inside the dryer all the way to the vent. This way, the risk of a fire is reduced significantly.

  • Machine Efficiency – When a dryer vent is not working as it should, the dryer needs to work twice as much to accomplish its task. A clear vent allows the dryer to use minimal heat and normal drying cycles in order to dry clothes thoroughly.

  • Lower Energy Costs – Long drying cycles and double heat usage uses up more energy than a dryer normally would. This means you pay higher electric bills if the dryer vent is not cleaned.

  • Clothing Quality – Clothes, especially those made with delicate fabric, will get worn out and damaged easily of exposed to tremendous heat and longer cycles. Keeping the dryer vent clear of blockage allows the dryer to ventilate properly, reduces the heat needed, and helps maintain the quality and condition of your clothes.

  • Indoor Air Quality – A clogged dryer vent keeps heat, moisture, and carbon monoxide within the laundry room. All these can be detrimental to respiratory health. If all these are able to pass through the vent when expelled, the quality of the air indoors is maintained.

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Efficiently cleaning the dryer vents require powerful equipment that can pull out even the toughest lint buildup. Dryer Vent Professional of San Diego is a team of professionals that are trained to use such equipment. We are skilled and experienced in inspecting dryers and their vents, and checking for signs of blockage and damage. We also repair dryer vents and replace parts that are damaged and no longer working.

When it comes to reliable dryer vent cleaning in Del Mar, CA, no one compares to Dryer Vent Professionals of San Diego. Call us to learn more.