Preparing Clothes Dryer for Winter

As the weather gets colder, you’ll want to ensure your clothes dryer is prepared to work efficiently all winter. Dryer Repair San Diego gives you this list for caring for your dryer vents. Taking a few simple steps now will help extend the life of your dryer and keep your clothes looking their best.

Moreover, when your dryer appliance is in its top condition, the vents and duct system will also be in its best shape.

So here are the steps for you to follow before the cold months arrive and begin storing the dryers and other heating appliances at home.

Steps in Preparing the Clothes Dryer to Use During Winter

The cold air and snowy weather would make it hard for anyone to warm thick coats and let furry jackets dry from damp moisture.

Make it easier to use the dryers and protect the vents from overheating when you need to achieve the maximum heat to dry your clothes.

1. Deep Clean the Lint Screen Before the Onset of the Winter Seasons

The lint screen is one of the essential parts of your dryer, so it’s important to keep it clean. Remove the lint screen and clean it with a brush or vacuum attachment.

If there is any built-up lint, gently remove it with a blunt knife. Be sure to clean the area around the lint screen as well.

Woman holding a dirty lint filter

2. Check the Vent Cap Outside Before the Snow Clogged the Passageways and Vent Airways

Dryer vent covered in snow

The vent cap is the part of your dryer that exhausts the hot air outside. Make sure the lid is free of any debris or lint. If it’s dirty, clean it with a brush or vacuum attachment.

3. Check Dryer Vent Lines for the Possible Entry of Snow

The dryer vent lines should be checked for any blockages or kinks. These can cause the dryer to overheat and become a fire hazard.

If you see any blockages, gently remove them with a brush or vacuum attachment.

Man removing dryer for cleaning
Man installing brown roof vent cover

4. Install Vent Cover

A vent cover helps keep cold air from coming into your home through the dryer, and it also helps prevent animals from nesting in the dryer vent.

So do not wait before the snow starts falling from the sky. If your dryer system and vents have no cover, this is the perfect tie to prepare for it.

5. Avoid Small Animals Entering the Vent

Small animals like rodents and birds can enter your dryer vent and cause a blockage. To avoid this, keep the dryer vent area free of debris or clutter.

During winter, animals hibernate and find places to sneak in to warm themselves. The vents are often the places they see for them to find shelter. Once they sneak in and out, they may leave traces of snow and other wet materials from the outside.

Those can be causes of clogs in the vents as winter occurs. So, ensure no animals will get near your vents’ entryway.

Wood mouse close up

6. Lessen Snow Entering the Vent By Cleaning the Surrounding Exterior

Person cleaning leaves using rake

Snow can also enter your dryer vent and cause a blockage. To lessen the amount of snow that enters, ensure the vent cap is installed correctly and there are no gaps around it.

One surefire way to lessen the snow presence is to clear out the perimeter of your house and property that can pile the snow up and soon find its way through the gaps and holes in your vents.

7. Have Your Vents Professionally Cleaned Before Winter

The best way to prepare your dryer for winter is to have your vents professionally cleaned before the cold weather hits.

They will remove any built-up lint and debris and help your dryer run more efficiently.

Professional dryer vent cleaner inspecting vent

Last Reminders

So there you have it. Seven practical steps to safekeep your dryer machine and ensure efficient dryer vent cleaning to prepare for the cold, snowy seasons. By following these simple steps, you can help extend the life of your dryer and keep your clothes looking their best all winter long.

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