What Are the Consequences of a Clogged Dryer Vent?

You would only pay attention to a clogged dryer vent most of the time only when something went wrong. Unless the dryer appliance and vent are not doing their job anymore, you wouldn’t be in a hurry to call a professional cleaning services San Diego

Little did you know that dryer vent cleaning is not an option! Ever wonder what would happen if you ignored the necessary work to your dryer vents? Lives are at stake! Today’s list shows the consequences of leaving the vents clogged

Clogged dryer vent outlet

Dryer Vent Cleaning is NOT an Option: Lives are at Stake!


Raise all the red flags in your homes. Clogged vents cause fire, dryer lint fire statistics show that 82% of residential fires are from the laundry area and that should give you enough reason to fear. Clogs in the vent contain threads and hairs. 

These are small debris of cloth and soft materials. which are highly flammable. Just one spark and flames grow fast and will not leave a trace of lint behind.

House on fire

CO2 Build-up

The problem with CO2 is not just global warming. Let carbon dioxide build up inside the tubes and the vents’ interior while in use, and you have the perfect setup for a spark. 

That scenario is more likely to happen when you get a gas-powered dryer. But it does not eliminate dryers using electrical power. The main thing that should worry you is the use of heat-generating parts in the dryer. 

Those that use oil, gas, and other features that burn down fuel to generate will emit a large amount of CO2, resulting in dryers catching fire.

Clothes Will Take Longer to Dry

Clogged dryer tubes mean that you need to spin the clothes many times. The vents are attached to tubes that let air flow and circulate for better drying. 

The warm air will not distribute properly when the openings and tube holes are closed. Thus the dryer doesn’t dry the clothes even if you turn it on maximum heat. 

The machine’s interior and exterior will only be the ones to dry and not the clothes, leaving the laundry dripping or damp with water. 

Clothes inside a dryer

Increase Electric Bill

The following are also a consequence of the previous one. You may try to spin them for the nth time until you achieve your desired dryness. Only to find out that your electric bill consumption increased as well. More spin means more fees you need to pay.

Molds Buildup

A dryer vent blocked with lint and thread from clothes will allow mold buildup. You learned that the air does not circulate well, and moisture can get stuck on the tubes making the dryer interior a perfect place to breed molds.


I hope you find this article helpful and get convinced that you have no other option but to get help from a professional dryer vent cleaning San Diego services and maintenance. It won’t hurt to get expert service. But the best way for you to avoid all these is to perform regular cleaning. Remember, lives are at stake, so do not ignore these tips and warnings.

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