Five Things To Keep In Mind To Clean Your Dryer Safely

The dryer needs proper cleaning for it to extend its lifespan. Adequate storage and regular maintenance can make a big difference. 

Handling your appliance and handling them properly during cleaning also adds to their usability. These factors also cause you to cut costs for expensive replacement and repairs.

Here are five tips on how to secure safety when cleaning dryer vents.

Dirty dryer vent being cleaned using a brush

5 Tips On Cleaning Your Dryers And Vents

1. Proper Storing

Keeping the dryers and laundry machines in their proper places helps much when cleaning. Before and after cleaning, it’s essential to put the appliance back to where you took it. When the laundry dryer is neatly stored, it will prevent gathering unnecessary dirt and stains.

Aside from cleaning it regularly, consider, too, how you can keep it from attracting dust, clogs, and other debris that could get inside the ducts and tiny holes around it.

2. Use Proper Tools

Cleaning using the right tools is also a way to extend your equipment’s shelf life. An added hassle might happen if you accidentally scrape the machine’s exterior. 

Be aware, too, if you are not using the proper dryer vent cleaning tools, these items can get tangled with the equipment.

Also, a standard household dryer tool is duct tape. Often it’s mentioned as a proper item for taping the duct-hose back. However, duct tape wears down fast with heat. For a primary fix, this is recommended. However, for long-lasting quality, use aluminum tape.

3. Unplug The Machine

Before cleaning, it is wise to unplug the machine. Flowing electric current is dangerous. If the appliance is getting cleaned, a little touch of water is necessary. 

One of the cleaning tools used for wiping the exterior of laundry machines and dryers is a wet or damp cloth.

Some people scurry to swipe some dirt off the machine’s surface. They mishandle it by forgetting to unplug. When moving the appliance and going around it, wires get in motion and get tangled.

4. Use A Separate Cloth For Drying Completely

Here is an unpopular tip. Use a separate cloth for wiping the machine dry, for removing moist and excess water on the surface after it got cleaned. This will ensure extending and preserving the excellent quality of your washer’s dryer.

Do not just leave the exterior damp after wiping it with cleaning solutions. When moisture is left on the surface, the sensors installed in the dryer get moist, too. These are common but mostly unspecified reasons for malfunctions.

5. Calling The Experts When Cleaning Ducts And Inner Filters

Last but not least, an important tip, call experts, especially when you got longer hoses and ducts. Not all the time, you can take matters into your own hands. 

When cleaning deep parts of the dryer machine, experts got appropriate tools to reach the hidden parts. If you are within San Diego, call Dryer Vent Cleaning Del Mar professionals

Dariusz cleaning a dryer

Things To Avoid, More Safety Tips!

Mentioned above remind you of ways to do cleaning safely, add these things to avoid to seal and secure the safety.

  • Avoid opening the machine without the pros’ guidance. Ask support first if you need to look into the deep parts of the dryer.
  • Do not bend, twirl, or coil the hose, ducts, and wires. When cleaning, sometimes you are not aware that you handle the extended parts such as wires. Avoid this by being careful with the equipment. 
  • Avoid cleaning the machine away from its proper storage. Remember tip number 1? That’s why it is essential to first find a decent place to keep the machine. It’s better to transfer your laundry area outdoors with a proper enclosure to avoid dragging it up and down the stairs.
  • Avoid getting repair and maintenance from uncertified dryer cleaners. Some people are intelligent and skilled enough to do technical things. However, when it comes to fire-hazard-prone machines, a licensed and insured service provider is your only call, no one else.
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