A Step by Step Guide on Properly Cleaning the Dryer Lint Trap

The Importance of Cleaning the Dryer Lint Trap:

Giving the dryer lint trap a good and thorough cleaning every so often is one of the many ways you can prevent a dryer fire. 

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 84% of clothes dryer fires occur in residential buildings. The leading cause of these dryer fires is the failure to clean. This is because lint tends to build up in the dryer chassis and vents. 

Neglecting to properly clean the dryer lint trap is one of the ways one can promote the build-up of lint in the dryer.

Woman holding a dirty lint filter

Lint is a highly flammable material. It also restricts airflow in the clothes dryer and causes the appliance to overheat. Soon enough, constant overheating is bound to ignite the lint and burst the whole appliance into flames. 

This is a fire hazard that can put you and your family in danger. To find out how to properly clean the dryer lint trap, read on.

The Step by Step Cleaning Process:

The items you will need:

  • A clean microfiber cloth or a used dryer sheet
  • Dish soap
  • A soft bristled nylon brush
  • A vacuum with a brush attached
  • Basin (optional)

Step 1

The first thing you should do is remove the lint trap from the dryer.

Step 2

Using the microfiber cloth or better, a used dryer sheet (get a plus for recycling!) remove the build-up of lint from the lint trap.

Step 3

The brush attachment of the vacuum should be used to remove any stubborn lint from the lint trap mesh filter.

Step 4

If you have a basin lying around, you can fill that up with water. If not, take the lint trap to the kitchen sink and fill the sink with warm water.

Step 5

Use a few drops of dish soap to make the water soapy. Submerge the lint trap in the soapy water.

Step 6

Use the soft bristled nylon brush to gently scrub wax build-up and any leftover dirt and debris.

Step 7

Repeat the process every other month or so to limit lint build-up.

How Frequent Should You Clean the Lint Trap?

The frequency will depend on the number of clothes and how often you use the dryer. Say you live in a single household with a lot of family members. You will have to do this more frequently than someone who lives alone. 

Having furry pets around will also increase the chances of lint build up in your lint trap. 

Another factor is the seasonal change. During the fall and winter months when we tend to use thicker clothing and beddings, lint builds up faster.

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