FEMA: 84% of Clothes Dryer Fires Occur In Residential Buildings

A 2012 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) report shows that residential buildings are the most vulnerable to dryer fires and its devastating aftermaths. The results of these reports are heavily alarming. Most homeowners are unaware that clothes dryers are the most dangerous fire hazard in their households. Unlike for gas leaks and cooking appliances, awareness for clothes dryer fires aren’t as prevalent as it should be. Read on to [...]

Preventive Measures to Avoid Clothes Dryer Overheating

An overheated clothes dryer is a destructive fire waiting to ignite. It’s certainly not something that one should take lightly. Not only that, overheating is a sign that your dryer isn’t working as well as it should. Because of this, overheating should be kept to a minimum. If you want to avoid a terrible fire and maximize the use of your dryer, follow this article as a guide. We’ve [...]

Enjoy the Holidays at San Diego’s Waterfront Holiday Adventure Park

Happy holidays to the people celebrating in San Diego! In other places in the country families are huddled up and cuddled down while sipping on hot cocoa and egg noggs. While that’s going on, here in San Diego, the beautiful winter weather is great for outdoor holiday activities. Round up the gang and the whole family and get ready for this year’s ultimate holiday destination in San Diego. Just [...]

Festive Holiday Fun in San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado

One of the most iconic and historic beachfront hotels in America’s Finest City is Hotel del Coronado. This marvelous wonder of a hotel is one of the last few remaining examples of the wooden victorian beach resorts in America. It was once known as the largest resort in the world back when it opened in 1888. Today, Hotel del Coronado remains to be an institution in San Diego. Every [...]

Tips and Tricks on Increasing Efficiency of Clothes Dryers

Tips and Tricks on Increasing Efficiency of Clothes Dryers Get a FREE Estimate There is no denying that your clothes dryer consumes a lot of the energy that translates into hefty utility bills. It is easy to save that energy during spring and summer when you can leave clothes to dry outdoors. However, it is a lot harder during colder seasons without the sun. It is also [...]

How Regular Dryer Cleaning Keeps Your Clothes Fresh

How Regular Dryer Cleaning Keeps Your Clothes Fresh Get a FREE Estimate Have you ever put your laundry in the dryer only to end up with damp and musty clothes after the drying cycle? That’s a clear sign that you should have your dryer cleaned out. We are not just talking about clearing the lint trap. Thorough cleaning requires cleaning out your dryer vent and chassis [...]