What Happens When The Dryer Vent Is Blocked?

Do not wait until the dryer appliance gets broken before getting local experts at dryer vent cleaning Del Mar due to blocked vents. Maintenance to your dryers is worth your pay when you call for their help immediately. 

There is no turning back from damages caused by blockage to the vents, which may lead to costly replacement and fire hazards. 

You have to replace the machine, but you might also replace the entire vent and duct systems in your home or business spaces. 

This article is written to save you from the harsh consequences of not maintaining your dryer exhaust vent. Here are five effects when a dryer vent is blocked to remind you of what you need to avoid and start caring for the dryer and other appliances at home. 

Clogged dryer vent outlet

Here are the possible effects and what may happen once the dryer vent tubes and ducts are blocked.

1. Not enough heat

2. Airflow is limited to drying the clothes

3. A noise comes out when spinning the dryer

4. Overheating can cause a spark in the appliance 

5. Broken dryer and vents

Before tackling each effect of a blocked dryer, you may also want to check out the reviews blog on clogged vents. This time we will focus on the direct impact of when something is blocking the vents. 

But first, take a quick scan of the possible causes of the blockage

  • Air pressure
  • Snow
  • Pests
  • Materials from outdoor
  • Any object accidentally placed in front of the vent holes

What Comes Out Of The Blocked Vents?

Now, let’s tackle the direct effects of blocked vents.

1. No Air!

When an object blocks the tubes and hoses on vents, airflow will not be sufficient. The air from the dryer should be let loose to allow the dry and warm air pressure to circulate on the machine’s clothes drum.

2. Poor Airflow

When it is wintertime or even during late fall, snow begins to appear, and they may get in the vet tubes. If you have a vent in the roof, snow may fall directly inside the vent tube and cause blockage. 

There will also be instances when the snow collects and becomes a block of ice on the vent holes. When a massive chunk of objects blocks the heated air passage, it will also limit the air going inside the vent when drying, and this causes poor drying time for spinning.

3. Noisy Dryer

If you have the front load dryer, or the one that operates using gas ranges, the noise will be a common factor telling you the vent is blocked. 

The noise is due to a lack of airflow to spin the drum. So what happens next is the drum falters or dwindles inside the dryer machine when spinning begins.

Repair man fixing clothes dryer

4. Overheating

The most dangerous effect when something blocks the vent holes is overheating. This happens because of the lack of airflow and spinning the machine multiple times to dry the clothes. 

But due to the blockage, no heat or warm air passes inside the clothes drum, and the heat gets blocked, and eventually, the machine will spark or malfunction.


So, the ultimate effect of the blocked dryer vent is a broken and damaged dryer machine. Also, it would lead to significant damage to the vent tubes themselves. When this part gets broken, it would be a considerable expense on your end. This can be prevented by using several dryer vent cleaning tools or calling professional dryer vent maintenance to solve issues early is better than replacing your whole dryer vent and appliance. 

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