Most Common Appliance Problems and How to Solve Them

When it comes to our appliances at home, we always want to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. There’s nothing worse than an important part of your household suddenly falling apart and having to shell out money to fix it in a hurry. Not only is it costly, but it can also be dangerous to leave problems for too long as they can then become larger problems.

With that in mind, knowledge is key. And experts in the industry, specializing in appliance repairs in San Diego, have narrowed down the most common appliances to break and what we can do to fix them before something worse happens to them.


opened dryer vent for repair

Dryers are a crucial part of our lives but they can often become faulty. Typical problems are faulty motors that don’t turn the machine on properly and clothes not drying completely.

When it comes to dryers, it’s very rare that something can’t be fixed. A dryer repair can fix faulty motors and a thorough dryer vent cleaning to remove lint buildup will ensure that your dryers start drying your clothes properly again. Neglecting to clean your dryers or delaying repair could be very dangerous as malfunctioning dryers cause tens of house fires in the United States every year. We recommend cleaning your dryer vents at least once every two years.

For more information about dryer repair, you can visit our homepage or call us.

Washing Machines

washing machine

Like dryers, washers are also an important part of our lives. And like dryers, washers can also run into some trouble now and again.
Common problems include the appearance of mold on front-loaders, improper drainage of the machine, leaking, and the control panel breaking or becoming irresponsive.

Fixing problems like leaking and improper drainage is usually an easy fix that requires a repairman specializing in washing machines. But if the control board starts showing signs of trouble, that could mean bad things. Replacing a control board is often expensive, and depending on the age of your model, it might be time for a complete replacement.



Dishwashers are generally quite sturdy machines, but they can often start malfunctioning at inopportune moments. Common problems include the dishwasher not washing properly, not drying properly, and not draining properly. When it comes to dishwashers, you need to address problems as soon as they appear. For small problems, fixes are quick and cheap. But if you leave the problems for too long, they will snowball into a major break that could spell more trouble and more costs.

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